Speed Kills - Not

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "This report shows that we have to re-emphasise the need to continue with the overall campaign against speed. It is not just about cameras - we have to continue with engineering measures, traffic calming, advertising and speed awareness courses. Manufacturers need to do more to make it easier for drivers to see what speed their vehicle is doing."

You utter, utter prat. Teach drivers to drive properly, including re-introducing the concept of road speed, the appropriate speed for the conditions. Teach them to think for themselves, not play by rote rules which cannot possibly apply to all, in fact not even approaching a majority of foreseeable circumstances. Stop people who aren't good enough drivers from driving - that's about 30% of those on the road but tough, it's not a bloody right, it's a privilege.

Fact: for twenty years or more up to the introduction of speed cameras, the death and injury rates on Britain's roads were continually declining. From the introduction of cameras, those rates started declining more slowly. The trend has now been reversed.

Speed doesn't kill; bad drivers do. The stupid, distracting focus on speed makes it worse.