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Okay, I'm an opinionated sod but I do actually have a degree in this stuff and I also like to keep myself properly abreast of things. Since my Militant-reading days, I've recognised the value of getting the widest range of opinions and then evaluating them oneself. It's very easy to read the same thing over and over, with but slight variations, in the mainstream, and the best thing about the internet is that there are alternative opinions out there, well expressed.

Here are some of my favourite places to find out what's actually happening in the world (the links are in the headers):

Al Jazeera English

A couple of years ago, some story was breaking in the middle east and Stu and I found what we were being told didn't add up. We wanted to get the proper skinny and wondered where we could find out more. Ping! Al Jazeera. What do you know, not only then but many times since, Al Jazeera has got the real story hours or days before the hoodwinked mainstream worked it out. It actually also manages to use considerably less loaded language than even the Beeb (which is getting ever less trustworthy tbh).

Mother Jones

Named after an historical US political activist, this site is a great source of US political information and writing. Hey, the political process is a sham democracy - there's no difference between a one-party state and a two-party one if there's no practical difference between the parties - and the media's a complete disgrace; this site is a breath of fresh air and restores your faith that not all americans are braindead wankers.

Guardian Unlimited

Okay, what's alternative about that? Actually some of the most interesting stuff to be found here is in the Comment is Free section. The only problem is you have to wade through the demented rantings of, for example, a legion of paranoid zionist wankers, who spoil many a debate, before you get to the interesting comments, which sometimes contain excellent insight from those well versed in particular subjects. Often worth it though.


Apparently Out of Bounds magazine says this is "America's Best Political Newsletter". Well, I've no idea who Out of Bounds magazine are but I do know this site is a source of excellent in-depth analysis.

The Memory Hole

Now, not everything on this site is interesting but there are also some absolute gems, such as the NY Fire Dept Dispatch Tapes From 9/11. For those unfamiliar, The Memory Hole is where the truth goes to die in Orwell's 1984 - what was the truth up until the latest rewrite anyway ;) This site tries to ensure that history isn't allowed to be re-written, holding information gathered under FOI laws or posted online and then conveniently removed.