Why Vladimir Putin has my full support


An excellent analysis, posted by "Ishouldapologise" from the Guardian's Comment is Free in response to an article by Max Hastings. If you want to understand what has happened since the fall of so-called communism in Russia, read on.

Putin is a very good leader. He is admired by most Russians. He is a nationalist and wants to use the countries resources, especially its oil, for the benefit of Russia and its people.

When the Societ Union fell apart, the corporates were licking their collective lips. Russia was going to be carved up like a great big delicious "pirog" (pie) and Yeltsin was to be their very own running dog.

It looked like it was going to work. The mafias made friends with Yeltsin and his gang and they got there way before the US corporates. But they, and the little jackels from Britain and Japan could wait. They could bide their time. Later on Russia was in for buy outs, one sided joint ventures. You name it, it was all on the cards and the Western corporates were cleverer and more patient.

But along comes Putin. A public servant, with a public servants salery, but a history in the service and defence of his country. He says, with support from the former political class, who are not so stupid as not to see what's going on and who were a lot smarter and more ethical in their foreign policy than the US and Britain ever were:

"Ni odin shag nazad" (That's it. "Not one step backwards.")

That was the phrase at the battle of Stalingrad, wasn't it?

Lost Spirit

And since then Putin has made it clear.

Russia WILL be a great country again.
Russia WILL control its own natural resources.
Russia WILL continue to have its own foreign policy.
Russia will NOT be subject to the proxy international organizations serving US interests.

Now who is going to take umbridge at this assertion of Russian independence and national power. Well an almighty array of forces. The ones that Yeltsin unleashed (I've met them and sat in their livingrooms) and the same forces, the big company's that were ready with their sharpened knives and pointed forks to feast on the Soviet carcass.

What happens when you come between Hyaenas and their carcass.

Well you are watching this in the media. In all the megaphones of capitalism. Even the the Guardian gives them too much space. So many retired spies in journalism in my experience. This article and many others is what happens.

There's a baying and howling of wolves and menacing laugh of Hyaenas and a cackling of jackals.

Just in who's employ was this "former Russian agent"?


I guess he was in the pay of Berezhovsky, who promised to coup Putin. In the employ of the flush half legitimate half mafiosi (Oh best beloved) This spy was recruiting doubleagents using mountains of money.

Now the message has been broadcast loud and clear from Russia and Putin. It's no mystery. This action parallels the way Mexican presidents have to deal with the drug lords.

The problem is, you are only a civil servant, your enemy has vast resources and can buy up all your people and have you assasinated and put the press against you. The difference is, you have a relatively professional and patriotic organisation backing you up, the Russian secret service.

So (best beloved) you have to send VERY clear message to Berezhovski and his western covert allies. Message received. Putin is brave and Putin is risking his life by attacking these people.

Many in the west think Russia is on a cusp and if they can just get rid of Putin things will open up to them again.

I hope not.


By the way. What price freedom of expression in the US? A couple of billion was the going rate I think. A bit expensive for your average American.

I for one support him!

For the ones who say it is an attack on freedom and liberty I say you are:

  • So disingenuous that nobody should be reading your opinions
  • or
  • You are working for an organisationor government that would like to see a weaker and more ameanable Russia
  • or
  • You are in the pay of Russia's enemies and working in the media.

Take your pick. But don't make a mystery out of the bleedin obvious.