Last Morning in Bristol

Byron and Shelley in the garden (actually the next door garden) below Richmond Street, the morning before they came to Holland. I left them out, went out myself to sort a few things, then came back to find Shelley had celebrated her last day allowed outside for ten months by bringing a blackbird inside and killing it - there were feathers everywhere! All this commotion spooked Byron who then wouldn't come in - and I've got to get them in the car and drive to Harwich; great! ;)

Last Morning in Bristol Last Morning in Bristol And this is how they travelled to Holland


Just a few shots of the cats in the garden.

Byron watches Shelley in full flight Shelley Byron in one of his favourite spots


It's a hard life being a cat

Katten Samen Katten Samen Hang on, we've got an imposter Katten Samen Katten Samen Katten Samen Katten Samen

Natas en Mosley

Natas en Mosley Natas en Mosley Natas en Mosley

Treated Photos

Just a variety of shots that don't have quite so large full size versions.

Am I Living In A Box? Am I Sitting In A Box? Shelley Shelley Shelley Byron

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