The Physic Garden

A mixture of various pre-written lyrics and other elements, assembled to mimic a stream of consciousness:

Vagrants of the highway
Refugees of intensity
Rush hour victims
Compartmental casualties

So many crossed freeways
In one mixed up brain
Snapping snap decision making
On travels never ending
Crossroads without markings
At the wheel on the road of life
We round the bend to journey's end

Fringing on precision
A reality unreal
Degenerated images
Of how we think and feel

Speakeasy chapters and verses of volume
Intensity varies in sections of sympathy
Box with jagged edge
Sharp without complaint
And turn against itself
Round the corners off

Roll it in a ball
But don't fall off the shelf

Relative values and haphazard loyalty
Turmoil headspace craves patchwork normality

Success and failure are not too far apart
Just the distance twixt doubt and wonder
Or fear and hunger
Submission and choosing
Or winning and losing

Feeling the strain
Sorrow and pain
Energy loss
Counting the cost

How much more 'til I breathe me in again?
How much more 'til I breathe me in?

Drawing pictures in a parallel vein
Moods entangle on a similar plane

Creeping in the shadow of a stronger time
Seeping strength ambition soaked in lime

God, I hope they invent that regen tank soon
Turmoil in grace
Turmoil in space
Drowning in a fantasy world of broken promises
I only want my life back
I only want my life back
I only want my life back
I only want my life back
I only want my life back...

Rich Harding, 1998