Rope Burn

A nonsense poem I wrote somewhere in Clifton, probably on the steps of the library, I think, when I was waiting for Henry Mayhew the day we went wandering around boatyards and then cycling to Bath along the towpath and then back on the cycle path.

This was also used as the basis of an Open Envelope track.

Rambubble angle in two three four sign
Wangle in tandem to implicate rhyme
Sort out the scandal in redilous time
And if why when what of a falitic kind

Do you unbreaking in awe-fungle depth
After unreaching the numinded wept
Recastor blurted of velinous death
And welinded retarn of basterness kept

Strawfuddle matters in randid untight
Bilginous undoody ramcockle sight
Virinded rooster up toosetless clight
And vast mendelevisit uplister fight


Rich Harding, 1987 (5th March)