Brief Encounter

Indian Thermal

I think I remember the evening I wrote this - I think it was an evening I went out with Philippa before we both went back off to our university towns (although I have a feeling she'd actually dropped out at this point). We were really good friends who never quite got it together - mainly because I was far more interested in that than she was!! It's interesting I'd evidently balanced all that out in my head at this point - and then went off to uni for my second year, fell head over heels, got dumped and descended back into depressive hell for a couple of years!

I just can't get enough of you
I want you every day
I switch myself on auto-pilot
When you go away

I love you more than ever
But that's really nothing new
My feelings grow with every day
You know how that is true

Half a minute, half an hour
It's all the same to me
Just one long sip of pleasure
As you set my spirit free

And so we drift apart again
We go our separate ways
But nothing ever can compete
With all our happy days

© Rich Harding, 1985 (25th September)