Faster Than Light

The Physic Garden

An alternative version of these lyrics was used for a Twisted song but it was originally written for a Physic Garden track Jem knew as Rose of Alicia. It relies upon being sung in a "stretched-out" style, not tum-ti-tum-ti-tum stylee :D

Scream; tearing through
Dream; floating free of time
Free of mind

The impossible dream
Or so it seems
To go forward and go back
From whence you came

To break the bounds
Of solid ground
And hurtle through a place
That has no name

The ultimate adventure
Playground of the Gods
Find the key that leads you
Through the wall

Can it be real?
Do we exist here?
Just another barrier
Constructed by our minds

Dimensions shift
Possibilities collide

Spinning softly in an ageless state
Reality suspended for a while
That happens who knows where
And who knows why

Rich Harding, 1998

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