Forever Sleep

The Physic Garden

This was possibly the last Physic Garden track we recorded, a relatively involved piece; like many of the others it was written from scratch in pretty much a single session, simply following the emotion of the music. Typing it in now, I'm rather pleased with it. I think they were also tried with one of the Zeptepi tracks that didn't make the gig.

Here you're safe, in the warm
Take comfort in the norm
Here you lie, softly calm
Still feeling safe from harm
In your head, the silent whispers come
They come

Reeling through your disembodied brain
The whirling thoughts revolve
And you escape again, into the light

Standing motionless, upon the stair
You try an open door
As you begin to dare, to reach for flight

Twilight creeps upon the world
As daylight slips away
The shadowland beyond the stars
Is coming out to play

No refuge from the wild night
Or shelter from the dark
Your world within a world revolves
And turns the picture stark

Map out your stage
Your anger and your rage
Plan campaigns in your mind
That only you can find

Unbridled, unrestrained
Your monsters left unchained
Savage you
Run you through

The fevered pit of ravage
The chaos deep within
No-one else safe inside you
As you activate the truth

And if you say you still prefer
To live as one
Don't count on having fun

But all the other sailors
Under the moon
They feel the same way too

Each with his own tormentors
Each with his stage
The scenery of rage

The static and the damage
Collision street
Beckons all
Beckons all who dare to call the tune

Harmony's soft revenge
On naked pride
Echoing, echoing
Echoing inside

The walls we build
Within us all
Are never all that tall

Dreaming for each other
Living one on one
The silent whispers only
Tell you after it's begun

And all the roads you wandered
And all the hills you climbed
Could never reach that high

Rich Harding, 1998

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