Learning to Live

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Written around the same time as Blind Ambition, the last Sane track to feature Eddie, IIRC. It's not about fighting at all, it's about the course of love. Quite an inventive track that, alas, was also never properly caught on tape.

Hey! What is this?
A new recognition of feelings and
Here we begin, with a blank sheet of paper
To stick our pins in
To the race for the power and glory
Emotions run high as we fly
To the summit of misunderstanding
And so we re-arm with the weapons of hatred
And fear of the night, all alone,
As we dream into war

Stepping out across the wire
Will we sink into the mire?
Hurtling through machine gun fire
(Sleep tight baby)

Lottery's end
Six foot deep in blessed sleep?
Or free as you will
Making every climb downhill?
(Good night baby)

Lay down your gun
Either way which side has won
Caught, by the blast
Learning not to rue the past

Heartbeat drum
Heartbeat drum

Tear us apart
Tear us apart
Every time we take a firm stand

Peace in the heart
Peace in the heart
Learning to live in our own land
Learning to live in our own land

© Rich Harding, 1992

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