Point 5

Okay, this one is quite close to unhinged! I find it cathartic but somewhat scary every time I go through my poems from my teens and some of them are most definitely staying in the books! This one can see the light of the internet though.

Scream your loudest
Shatter the glass
That won't solve a thing
You're helpless
You're on your own
But someone else calls the tune you sing
Someone who's irrational
But most of all adorable
And adored with all your heart
You'll never part
In your so troubled mind
The venom of the arrow has worked this time
I think you'll find
You know your fate
You see its colour
Deepest, deepest black
But still you can't; won't;
Mustn't turn your back

Rich Harding, 1984 (26th December)