One of the many poems that was used for Open Envelope, a highly experimental musical collaboration between myself and two of my best friends ever since, Rich Bosworth and Nic Jones. It's very much a wordplay poem but not for its own sake. Looking at the date, I'm surprised to see that it was written in France, while I was working for Eurocamp. I hadn't placed it as one of the poems written there.

Do you understand? Or do you see?
In knowing why do you understand?
And if not is knowing why
not understanding all the same?

To work it out; is that to see the truth?
And if not then what is clarity?
But confusion stems from double truths
And thinking twice unworks it out

If you see blue and then I see red
Two equal things; two different minds
We contradict the same object
So definition creates a fog

If talking of change we mean the same
Our purposes cross; do they then meet?
And continuing along the same lines
Do I progress or am I stagnant?

Rich Harding, 1988 (6th June)