1994 Top Five

Originally posted to grapevine.com

1. marillion - brave

"Not just Marillion's masterpiece, but prog-rock's finest moment"

Well I'd say it's possibly the finest moment of late twentieth century music. I certainly don't possess (nor have I yet heard) anything which I would consider its equal, although the follow-up (guess what's going to top most of the polls for '95!) does its very best to come close.

2. Portishead - Dummy

Locationally biased?? Nah - one of the ultimate late night albums and so different to anything in the contemporary scene. I remember seeing Beth perform Sour Times (I think it was) live with local axe-merchants Airbus at Ashton Court festie just before this came out and being blown away by her voice and agression. I think this album, unlike much over-hyped product, strongly deserved the serious buzz it caused.

3. Dodgy - Homegrown

Lovely acoustic chappies second opus - not at all drug influenced either!! Great feelgood music from a great positive time in my life - well, particularly the last couple of months of the year anyway :-)

4. Massive Attack - Protection

Okay, so we have one album drawn from a local news bulletin and two from artists who live here. So what?! :-) A fine selection of moods on this eclectic album, ably assisted by Tracy Thorne on the title track and Better Things, although Karmacoma probably just sneaks in as my 'fave of the album'.

5. Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Whatever abomination Oasis may have turned into this was a pretty decent debut.