Environmental Issues

Plastic Hanging

Loony lefty alert - er, no. There's a lot of green orthodoxies I have a bit of a problem with: benefits of land-based wind farms, nuclear power, dodgy stats on airline-generated emissions etc. General rule of thumb: if it's being hyped, there's probably something not quite right in there somewhere.

Bottled Water - Just Say No!

But first, one of my favourite bugbears, people unnecessarily drinking bottled water:

The act of unashamedly specifying tap water is a growing trend across major cities in developed economies. It's a trend buoyed by consumers rediscovering the tap in their own homes, with tales of carrying refillable bottles of home or filtered tap water to the gym, to the office and even to schools. In the US, camping shops selling metal water bottles report a huge increase in sales as the bottled-water bottle supplants the plastic bag as the ultimate symbol of unsustainable profligacy.

Click here to read the story, including some alarming stats. Then stop bloody drinking it.

Stand by for some home truths about power consumption

From Ron West in the Grauniad:

Listen to the environmentalists, and we'd never leave devices on standby - in fact we'd ban standby altogether (It's time to switch on those energy-saving TVs and PVRs, February 22). But research I've done on my own energy consumption seems to throw cold water on this theory.

Click here for the story.

Live Earth? Do me a favour...

I only made this page this morning and already there's some silly cow trying to justify Live Earth on Comment is Free - and she's rightly getting a bigger kicking than I've ever seen, even for Zoe Williams ;)

Click here for general hilarity. One of the top gems:

Hey, c'mon guys, i think you're all being a bit harsh here. don't you remember live 8? remember how within a few hours that concert single handedly ended global poverty and fam... oh wait, it did fuck all didn't it? still, at least madge will be able to flog a few more albums. perhaps that'll give her the spare cash to pay all those congestion charges.