The jackboots marched before the war
And soon were kicking down the doors
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
They'd find you even deep inside
They start off with the easy meat
Some body soft to find their feet
So by the time they came for you
Your luck was out and you were screwed
Nations saw it coming
But still they toed the line
Sat and watched it happen
Any land but mine
So now they move with greater stealth
Still prejudicial to your health
They speak in tongues of freedom's call
Just don't get caught outside their wall
They'll read your mail and tap your line
For what on earth have you to hide?
Until the day that they decide
To tuck you up - goodnight, bye-bye
Will you stand beside me
Or will you toe the line?
Pray upon the jackboots
Missing you this time
Ask yourself this question:
Who do you believe?
Megalomoniacs are driven on by greed
He's got more than we have
Let's give him some lead
Makes you wonder who's the one sick in the head
Waffen SS; Cheney's crew
The same excuses through and through
The phoney threats, the phantom proof
The subjugation of the truth
They will divert, they will digress
With full connivance of the press
Who once again will play their games
The fourth estate their agents tame
Will you stand beside me
Or will you toe the line?
Sit and watch it happen
Any land but mine

© Rich Harding, 2003