Twisted - The Power of Rock Compelled Us

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I'm not sure whether Twisted are still gigging, as I've had no contact with any of them now since early 2009. At that point they'd certainly stopped, having been through a variety of changes since the classic line-up of myself, Drew Raynes, Paul Stanway, Chris Peppard and Alan Pout / Mark Pillinger. Al turned up at the audition and we both did a big double-take, neither of us expecting the other to be there. He was a bit "metal-light" for some of the band but has always been a superb songwriter and lyricist. The band became heavier when he left and, to give him his due, Drew also can knock out some decent tracks. He doesn't have Al's quality control though - never mind, that's where Three Dogs came from (Al looked at one of Drew's poorer efforts and said, "You know what they say about an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite amount of time eventually managing to type the works of Shakespeare? This took three dogs five minutes."

It's about time I put the tracks up here then, as I continue building up my as complete as possible record of my adventures in rock. Twisted were a great, if flawed band, which should have made it far bigger, particularly given the timing of the early noughties rock revival. I'll not go into why they didn't - anyone who knows me will be familiar anyway. My moving to Holland certainly wasn't the true cause - I scheduled my trips back around gigs and practices and would have continued to do so.

Twisted were certainly a live treat; it was a real shame we never managed to finish the second album, as it means there is no record whatsoever of some very fine tracks that were put together as we progressed. The musos out there will know how this goes, unfortunately. We had some really good times, building a solid reputation with our wall of Marshall stacks and getting good reviews and audience feedback, plus playing some decent venues, such as Fiddlers and the Bierkeller, supporting Adler's Appetite. I certainly enjoyed it.

Anyway, the links below contain the Peace Through Superior Firepower album in full (the first ten) plus some additional pages with just lyrics of later tracks.