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Sure? was performed almost free-form, hanging off Paddy's guitar over Mark's chord progression and the lyrics sung as felt. if I sound as though I'm a little off pitch at times, I am - it's very difficult to sing when you're so sad. Why so sad? The lyrics are a poem I wrote when my relationship with Kate first hit the rocks at the end of '93.

I added the whispered "forever my friend" bit in practice.

Reality concealed inside the dream
Ambition never realised or so it seems
Encouragement to wander so alone
Vacation mind unmasks a hidden tone

Banish deviation in a trance
Seeking elevation as we dance
Platitude and fury, hand in hand
Unable to restrain the grains of sand

Welcome to the world of here and now
Hoping to achieve we only row
When will pain, or is it amusement, ever end?
And how does logic claim to be a friend?

Forever my friend
For you, my friend

Rich Harding, 1993, 1998