Observer Leader - Afghanistan - 9/7/6

"The battle in Afghanistan is one that must not be lost. It is a fight to stop the country becoming a base for international terrorism, to show that democracy can be built in one of the most inhospitable countries in the world, to sustain the battered credibility of the entire international community. Victory, however, will not be easy and will require much clever diplomacy, military will, deft handling of Afghan politics and, above all, a far greater commitment than the West has so far shown."

WTF?!?! As one of the first respondents says:

"If 'losing' Afghanistan, which we never owned anyway, would cost us very dear, why is nobody protesting at losing our integrity, our respect, our laws and our country? That's what the shambles in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing us. So how about we get out and let those poor people, who have been so beleaguered because of their proximity to so much oil, try and start again without the Western Puppet sitting in Kabul, without Ahmed Chalabi as Oil minister in Baghdad and without the Yankee pipeline."

"Let's get Blair and Bush et al in the International Criminal Court for the lies that have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, then start again on our so called civilisation and democracy."

Full text here.

Ah, that's better - Peter Preston making far more sense here.

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