Hangman - Street Justice

Rope Burn

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The lyrics to this song had, in my usual way, been jammed and not formally written for some time; they were first committed to paper immediately before the band's first gig at Stanshawe's Court.

The song was then re-used by Twisted, as was Halfway Dream

Running through the city streets
Where crowds of people all compete
With faces glum in rat-run cars
The false excitement leaving scars
They hurry through the evening gloom
To sorrows in a TV room
To drown them in their sour beer
The acid sting of bitter tears

That burn you through the years
If you've not sussed it
It's sweet street justice

On the pavements everywhere
With cap in hand and dog to share
Well, "Mister - can you spare a dime?"
Society of people crime
On avenues of broken dreams
In a wasteland city, so it seems
The barricades within our minds
Leave us helpless, leave us blind to

All that you can do

Businessman with cash to spare
His path will cross yours if you dare
With lies to pedal and lives to cheat
With every move he's got you beat
You can't give up, you can't despair
His tentacles are everywhere
But you've got you - you're the best
Time to put him it the test now

Just find a way how
If you've just sussed it
It's sweet street justice

© Rich Harding, 1994