Flight to Mandi - Photos Jim Mallinson

These are Jim's photos of our flight to Mandi from Billing. As you can see from the fourth photo, the final glide to the cricket pitch was just a tad committing! There wasn't even really the possibility to go for the small patches of river bed at the last minute, as the river was criss-crossed with wires (like everywhere else!!).

We stopped here for a fag - Sam and I found getting back off difficult Sam and I thermalling back up to Jim Myself, just before going on final glide to Mandi Shall we, shan't we?  There is nowhere else to land if we don't turn now! Don't kid yourself - there's wires all across that river bed I was probably half as high as this!! The bus station next to the cricket ground Me, landing And being mobbed Saw this sign next to the roadside stall where we picked up Sam