Fleece & Firkin, Bristol - 30/07/02

Originally posted to Grapevine.com

Went to an interesting triple bill at The Fleece last night. First up were Biskupin, who played a completely linked set of guitar-led (three at times - bass player was switching to six-string), plus keys and drums, grooved/ambient material, with only one track having lyrics. Reminiscent of early Ozrics or Signify era PT but a couple of the segments did make Hawkwind look succinct!

Next up, Clean: the mix was more towards the dance elements in the sound as, unfortunately, is their CD which I picked up; everything was much more rounded at The Louisiana. Makes me wonder if they're trying to avoid any sort of melodic rock tag. Still very tight and very good - just loses the elegiac quality of the first time I saw them. The Loui is a very intimate venue though. The bass player is class.

Headlining were Chikinki: fronted by a young, hyper Mick Jagger, c/w squeaky talking voice, assisted by a facial hair-less Alex Sibley on guitar and Mike Myers in US Teen Geek mode on keys (plus a more anonymous keys person and actually rather good drummer who just needs a bigger and more powerful kit). A cross between Depeche Mode on steroids and The Cardiacs do Garage! Not the finished article but would be interested to see them again.